G-Tube Surgery

Thursday was my G-Tube surgery. The Nephrologist didn’t want me to get dehydrated so I came in Wednesday evening. The plan was to hook me up to I.V for fluids and track ins and outs and use the I.V to stay on top of fluids because if you don’t already know I put out like 6 liters after surgery though because the I.V was so high because they were playing ketch up I put out 8 liters.
Any ways back to before surgery. The plan did not go the way it was suppose to and I was behind like 3 liters or more! I couldn’t drink after midnight so I was very upset because I was thirsty.
Before I went to surgery which was suppose to be at 1:30 pm but if you know hospitals there almost always late so yes the surgery was late. I got some medication to relax me as this was my first surgery. It actually made my all drugged up and I don’t remember much after that stuff kicked in! The only thing I remember is saying good bye to my family, being lifted onto the OR table and the anesthesiologist saying I would be asleep soon.
I woke up in recovery with a nurse right beside me. Which kind of sucked because my family wasn’t there because there not allowed. I was pretty awake in recovery because I had stomach pain. The nurse was like

how are you feeling

and I was like

my stomach hurts!!!

I found out that when you have kidney disease there is about a nickels worth of medications they can give for pain! I am telling you that Tylenol doesn’t work too well for a hole in your stomach! So the nurse gave me another kind of medication for pain and then had to give me a second dose because I was still in pain and then all groggy I was wheeled away in my bed to see my family! The first thing I said to them was


Then I found out I still couldn’t have water and was very sad and unhappy. I ended up spending four nights in the hospital. I got home yesterday and am so happy to be home but am still in a bit of pain. So I was so scared of surgery but the worst part has been recovery!

NG Tube…

Well if you have read some earlier post you know I have kidney disease. I am having to go to emergency for dehydration about every six weeks I feel so sick like I have the flu. So the last time I was in the doctor on call. He is a great doctor. Was very concerned with one of my levels. Trying to remember the one. It was at about a six when it should have been way higher my bmi was very low. So we have talked about maybe an NG tube which goes down your nose down your throat and to your stomach and yes when someone else puts it in its very uncomfortable. They actually teach you how to put it in yourself! So I really didn’t want one but my doctor was like

We should really try it to see if it works

so I was admitted and they put it in I was awake you just get it in your bed. I do not want to write my screams on the post. So then I was in the hospital for five days my longest hospital stay. There was some lots of drama. Having doctors that were not listening. We saw the surgeon and the home nutrition support and I was pretty much forced into going home with the NG until G tube surgery. A G tube is put right into my stomach via surgery. Which will be on June 12. It is coming so quickly. It will be my first surgery and I am beyond scared so I try not to think about so that I can actually live happy. I have to go everywhere with the NG tube so lots of people stare and I just smile. I do not blame the doctors for that though because it was my choice I could have took it out in the morning and put it back in before my feed but there was no way I was doing that so many times. I was able to put it in myself but it is a one month tube so I have to put a new one in May 2nd. This year has brought way to much sickness and not enough fun. So if you ask how did you agree to this. Well for one I had no choice my bmi is way to low and second when you are feeling sick all the time you wouldn’t believe what you would do to try and make yourself feel better. You want to have fun do things and feel great.
Have a great day! Stay healthy!

How To Spread The Word About Kidney Disease

If you have read the recent posts you will know I have Chronic Kidney Disease. I know, 13 and have Kidney Disease sounds very surprising but actual I have had it all my life and other children and adults have too! I was diagnosed 11/1/11 all ones kinda weird… When I found out I was shocked, and really didn’t know much at all about Kidney Disease. That is why I am hoping to teach other kids & teens about Kidney Disease because actually a lot of adults and some children have it. So if another person my age hears that Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad has Kidney Disease they won’t be as scared and know something about it.

I also was thinking I was eleven when I found out. That means it took them eleven years to figure this out. WOW. They call it the silent killer for a reason it is SO hard to diagnose that you usually are in Kidney Failure, (15% or less kidney function) before you know you have it! You don’t have a donor in place so dialysis it is. I know some people from Kidney Kamp that were on it and you can’t really lead a normal fun lifestyle and I’m trying to change that one blog post at a time! So think about:

1. Donating to kidney March to find a cure for kidney Disease! ( Click the link to help my Mom & Dad, Bill & Michelle Nadraszky raise there goal!  http://kidney.akaraisin.com/pledge/Participant/Home.aspx?seid=6112&mid=9&pid=1293474

2. Have you ever thought of organ donation? You can change one’s life so much. You only need one Kidney come on share! If you are interested click the link http://www.cantransplant.ca/ If you are in the U.S click here instead http://www.americantransplantfoundation.org/

3. Raise Awareness! Spread The word about kidney Disease! Of course learn about it first! Click the link to learn more about Kidney Diseasehttp://nkdep.nih.gov/index.shtml

I just really want people to know what Kidney Disease is most of all and try to find a cure for Kidney Disease.

Just think of the life of one with kidney Disease or any organ disease is like. Especially one waiting for an organ and who is on dialysis.

Please Take a Stand For Organ Disease and Organ Donation

Thank you for your help



This Is Me Now…

Hello anyone who actually reads this! Well it’s been a while and I feel like I need to use this blog for my use to read back later in life. So here we go….

I am now 13!!!! I think about what the last two years have been for me and well I have VERY mixed emotions about them. Since my diagnoses I have lived some of my fears and have become a pretty strong person. I remember my very first IV…. It was the worst out of all the other ones I have had now. I was so scared and now I barely ever cry when getting them. The first year was pretty rough more emotionally than anything. Now I take it day by day and know that in the near future I will have a transplant. I can’t control that but I know that to live a happy life I just need to let my worry’s go. For now I try living to the fullest and I try to let nothing stop me from doing what I want to do in life. I have done things I never thought I would do. I rock climb. I still bike. I sometimes run and I stand up for things I believe in.

By standing up for what I believe in I feel happy inside. My parents are doing kidney March and we had a raffle. Every time I sold a ticket I knew I was one step closer to having others know about kidney disease. When I spoke about kidney disease they were inspired. I thought I can’t believe I, a 13-year-old can inspire adults. I was shocked at how many people said “you have kidney disease?” like kids couldn’t have it. This is how I decided I needed to be less quite about telling people about my kidney disease. It started with me having a raffle at school. I can tell you that every student and teacher at school now knows about kidney disease and that I have it. After a couple of classes I wasn’t scared any more, I really wasn’t. I am hoping to do more for kidney disease awareness.

This is my favourite quote. It’s so true. I think of this as people. Everyone go’s through life struggles that is one reason why you shouldn’t judge people. Lots of people know me for my smile. Just a smile can brighten the cashier at Wal-Mart, the hurt, the lonely, a smile brightens my day. You don’t know what a person is going through so instead of being mad smile at the person I’m sure that person will feel a little more happy.

By the way if you would like to donate to Kidney March and support my mom and dad Michelle & Bill Nadraszky click this link:


Thank You


San Deigo Febuary 2012

In febuary I went to San Diego. It was a fun 5 day trip. We went to Legoland it was so much fun. The rides are so creative plus there is millions of pieces of Lego. My favorite was seeing animals made out of Lego. We also went to the San Diego Zoo it was okay, a lot of animals other zoos have. We went to the beach where there was this big hike and at the end a fabulous view, another beach had sea lions and other creatures living there. It was so hot, an awesome getaway from the cold Canada weather. We also went to this place called Dave & Busters it’s a huge arcade for kids.You can also eat but it was WAY to busy. Anyways back to the story Jaiden 8 tried this big claw machine that had prizes half the size of him!




The Hunger Games Movie

A great, LONG interesting and sad movie.

A little hard to understand if you haven’t read the book.

I went with my Mom and brother.

The Hunger Games Poster

News, News and more News!

Well I have to say since I posted last a lot has changed. I got my braces off for one! I am now half way through Grade six and that means PAT’s. I have different likes and dislikes. I have 2 new pets one is named Otto he is a little Miniature Dachshund and a pet fish that is MINE named Sammy (Sam for short). I have one very close BFF named Adriana. She is like me focused on school, following the rules and doing her homework. She likes art too! Now the not so fun kinda bad kinda frustrating news. I have a genetic Kidney disease that is lets just say VERY uncommon. My treatment will be Transplant ( From my Dad.) and at least another transplant far down the road. Which is ok because I have a very supportive Nephrology team in Children’s Hospital. Which also means they like to poke me at the hospital every month and at home every week. It was diagnosed in November 2011 but I have had it since I was born. Well this was just an update I will have much more to talk about soon!

The City of Ember…

The City of Ember is a book I am reading. It’s about an underground city. Outside of the city is the unknowed regions. The people in the city do not know if there is anything past it. The city is getting old so things are falling apart. The lights flicker and its all because the generator is so old.  The main character is Lina. She draws what she thinks are past the unknown regions. The city is running out of stuff.

Well today…

Well today I am going to the mall. We have to get Jaiden my brother new shoes. The intresting thing about that is he is not coming. My question is how can you get a person new shoes if he is not there? My mom said we might get a small toy from Toys r’ Us. The reason my brother is not going is because his friend said that he could go to the skate park with them.

My brother I think might ask for a BMX bike from Santa.Well I think it’s going to be a long day at the mall because my mom might look at clothes and when that happens it takes a long time! but, when I am looking at clothes I can’t look because she rushes me. We drive each other nuts! I guess a Mom and daughter thing! but, the best part is that it will just be me and my mom. It’s nice my Mom knows that I like time with her.

It’s been 6 months…

Well its been 6 months. So I will tell you some new things:

I am now in Grade 5. My teacher is really nice. I got braces and now I hope I am half way through. I got 6 more clear braces.

Well I also finished a book called The Tale of Despereaux.