Hi I hope everybody had a merry Christmas. This is how my Christmas went, first I woke up at 6. I was so excited. I opened santas presents first this year. I was opening my present and I started screaming. It was the red hair blue eye light skin American Girl doll! I have been waiting every day since I had the idea. I had the idea when I had a Tdream…weird. I also had my Grandma come on Christmas eve! Then I went to my other Grandma and Grandpa’s the bestest thing from them was the mining crystal kit, I also got a purse from them, that was exciting because it was my first purse. I got monopoly city, twilight games, and a few other things. My mom got a no sew quilt that I made. My Dad got slippers. My brother got tinkertoys, lots of lego, super strucks and lots more. He is into building stuff. I got new art supplies and alot more. I got an American Girl hair brush and santa got her ears pierced. I am going to American Girl place Los Angeles for my birthday in March. My birthday is march 1st. One of my cousins is 11 so she got alot of clothes. My other cousin is 8 he got lots of little tech decks. It was funny my Grandma and Grandpa looked all over to find a lego watch and it was only a week till Christmas but, it came on time. My brother loves video games so he got mario brothers the new one. I got a snow globe ornament this year, my Grandma and Grandpa get us a Hallmark ornament each year so I have 9 ornaments plue I got a few from my mom and dad over the years. I love Christmas the best part is all being together!


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