Well today…

Well today I am going to the mall. We have to get Jaiden my brother new shoes. The intresting thing about that is he is not coming. My question is how can you get a person new shoes if he is not there? My mom said we might get a small toy from Toys r’ Us. The reason my brother is not going is because his friend said that he could go to the skate park with them.

My brother I think might ask for a BMX bike from Santa.Well I think it’s going to be a long day at the mall because my mom might look at clothes and when that happens it takes a long time! but, when I am looking at clothes I can’t look because she rushes me. We drive each other nuts! I guess a Mom and daughter thing! but, the best part is that it will just be me and my mom. It’s nice my Mom knows that I like time with her.


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