Monthly Archives: April, 2012

San Deigo Febuary 2012

In febuary I went to San Diego. It was a fun 5 day trip. We went to Legoland it was so much fun. The rides are so creative plus there is millions of pieces of Lego. My favorite was seeing animals made out of Lego. We also went to the San┬áDiego Zoo it was okay, …

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The Hunger Games Movie

A great, LONG interesting and sad movie. A little hard to understand if you haven’t read the book. I went with my Mom and brother.

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News, News and more News!

Well I have to say since I posted last a lot has changed. I got my braces off for one! I am now half way through Grade six and that means PAT’s. I have different likes and dislikes. I have 2 new pets one is named Otto he is a little Miniature Dachshund and a …

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