News, News and more News!

Well I have to say since I posted last a lot has changed. I got my braces off for one! I am now half way through Grade six and that means PAT’s. I have different likes and dislikes. I have 2 new pets one is named Otto he is a little Miniature Dachshund and a pet fish that is MINE named Sammy (Sam for short). I have one very close BFF named Adriana. She is like me focused on school, following the rules and doing her homework. She likes art too! Now the not so fun kinda bad kinda frustrating news. I have a genetic Kidney disease that is lets just say VERY uncommon. My treatment will be Transplant ( From my Dad.) and at least another transplant far down the road. Which is ok because I have a very supportive Nephrology team in Children’s Hospital. Which also means they like to poke me at the hospital every month and at home every week. It was diagnosed in November 2011 but I have had it since I was born. Well this was just an update I will have much more to talk about soon!


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