This Is Me Now…

Hello anyone who actually reads this! Well it’s been a while and I feel like I need to use this blog for my use to read back later in life. So here we go….

I am now 13!!!! I think about what the last two years have been for me and well I have VERY mixed emotions about them. Since my diagnoses I have lived some of my fears and have become a pretty strong person. I remember my very first IV…. It was the worst out of all the other ones I have had now. I was so scared and now I barely ever cry when getting them. The first year was pretty rough more emotionally than anything. Now I take it day by day and know that in the near future I will have a transplant. I can’t control that but I know that to live a happy life I just need to let my worry’s go. For now I try living to the fullest and I try to let nothing stop me from doing what I want to do in life. I have done things I never thought I would do. I rock climb. I still bike. I sometimes run and I stand up for things I believe in.

By standing up for what I believe in I feel happy inside. My parents are doing kidney March and we had a raffle. Every time I sold a ticket I knew I was one step closer to having others know about kidney disease. When I spoke about kidney disease they were inspired. I thought I can’t believe I, a 13-year-old can inspire adults. I was shocked at how many people said “you have kidney disease?” like kids couldn’t have it. This is how I decided I needed to be less quite about telling people about my kidney disease. It started with me having a raffle at school. I can tell you that every student and teacher at school now knows about kidney disease and that I have it. After a couple of classes I wasn’t scared any more, I really wasn’t. I am hoping to do more for kidney disease awareness.

This is my favourite quote. It’s so true. I think of this as people. Everyone go’s through life struggles that is one reason why you shouldn’t judge people. Lots of people know me for my smile. Just a smile can brighten the cashier at Wal-Mart, the hurt, the lonely, a smile brightens my day. You don’t know what a person is going through so instead of being mad smile at the person I’m sure that person will feel a little more happy.

By the way if you would like to donate to Kidney March and support my mom and dad Michelle & Bill Nadraszky click this link:

Thank You



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