How To Spread The Word About Kidney Disease

If you have read the recent posts you will know I have Chronic Kidney Disease. I know, 13 and have Kidney Disease sounds very surprising but actual I have had it all my life and other children and adults have too! I was diagnosed 11/1/11 all ones kinda weird… When I found out I was shocked, and really didn’t know much at all about Kidney Disease. That is why I am hoping to teach other kids & teens about Kidney Disease because actually a lot of adults and some children have it. So if another person my age hears that Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad has Kidney Disease they won’t be as scared and know something about it.

I also was thinking I was eleven when I found out. That means it took them eleven years to figure this out. WOW. They call it the silent killer for a reason it is SO hard to diagnose that you usually are in Kidney Failure, (15% or less kidney function) before you know you have it! You don’t have a donor in place so dialysis it is. I know some people from Kidney Kamp that were on it and you can’t really lead a normal fun lifestyle and I’m trying to change that one blog post at a time! So think about:

1. Donating to kidney March to find a cure for kidney Disease! ( Click the link to help my Mom & Dad, Bill & Michelle Nadraszky raise there goal!

2. Have you ever thought of organ donation? You can change one’s life so much. You only need one Kidney come on share! If you are interested click the link If you are in the U.S click here instead

3. Raise Awareness! Spread The word about kidney Disease! Of course learn about it first! Click the link to learn more about Kidney Disease

I just really want people to know what Kidney Disease is most of all and try to find a cure for Kidney Disease.

Just think of the life of one with kidney Disease or any organ disease is like. Especially one waiting for an organ and who is on dialysis.

Please Take a Stand For Organ Disease and Organ Donation

Thank you for your help




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