NG Tube…

Well if you have read some earlier post you know I have kidney disease. I am having to go to emergency for dehydration about every six weeks I feel so sick like I have the flu. So the last time I was in the doctor on call. He is a great doctor. Was very concerned with one of my levels. Trying to remember the one. It was at about a six when it should have been way higher my bmi was very low. So we have talked about maybe an NG tube which goes down your nose down your throat and to your stomach and yes when someone else puts it in its very uncomfortable. They actually teach you how to put it in yourself! So I really didn’t want one but my doctor was like

We should really try it to see if it works

so I was admitted and they put it in I was awake you just get it in your bed. I do not want to write my screams on the post. So then I was in the hospital for five days my longest hospital stay. There was some lots of drama. Having doctors that were not listening. We saw the surgeon and the home nutrition support and I was pretty much forced into going home with the NG until G tube surgery. A G tube is put right into my stomach via surgery. Which will be on June 12. It is coming so quickly. It will be my first surgery and I am beyond scared so I try not to think about so that I can actually live happy. I have to go everywhere with the NG tube so lots of people stare and I just smile. I do not blame the doctors for that though because it was my choice I could have took it out in the morning and put it back in before my feed but there was no way I was doing that so many times. I was able to put it in myself but it is a one month tube so I have to put a new one in May 2nd. This year has brought way to much sickness and not enough fun. So if you ask how did you agree to this. Well for one I had no choice my bmi is way to low and second when you are feeling sick all the time you wouldn’t believe what you would do to try and make yourself feel better. You want to have fun do things and feel great.
Have a great day! Stay healthy!


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