G-Tube Surgery

Thursday was my G-Tube surgery. The Nephrologist didn’t want me to get dehydrated so I came in Wednesday evening. The plan was to hook me up to I.V for fluids and track ins and outs and use the I.V to stay on top of fluids because if you don’t already know I put out like 6 liters after surgery though because the I.V was so high because they were playing ketch up I put out 8 liters.
Any ways back to before surgery. The plan did not go the way it was suppose to and I was behind like 3 liters or more! I couldn’t drink after midnight so I was very upset because I was thirsty.
Before I went to surgery which was suppose to be at 1:30 pm but if you know hospitals there almost always late so yes the surgery was late. I got some medication to relax me as this was my first surgery. It actually made my all drugged up and I don’t remember much after that stuff kicked in! The only thing I remember is saying good bye to my family, being lifted onto the OR table and the anesthesiologist saying I would be asleep soon.
I woke up in recovery with a nurse right beside me. Which kind of sucked because my family wasn’t there because there not allowed. I was pretty awake in recovery because I had stomach pain. The nurse was like

how are you feeling

and I was like

my stomach hurts!!!

I found out that when you have kidney disease there is about a nickels worth of medications they can give for pain! I am telling you that Tylenol doesn’t work too well for a hole in your stomach! So the nurse gave me another kind of medication for pain and then had to give me a second dose because I was still in pain and then all groggy I was wheeled away in my bed to see my family! The first thing I said to them was


Then I found out I still couldn’t have water and was very sad and unhappy. I ended up spending four nights in the hospital. I got home yesterday and am so happy to be home but am still in a bit of pain. So I was so scared of surgery but the worst part has been recovery!


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